COVID 19 Warranty Condition

  • Due to the unfortunate lockdown, if the car battery was not used for 30 consecutive days,(subject to scientific equipment testing ) the warranty will not apply.

Warranty conditions

  • The standard warranty for Car batteries is from 12 months upto 18 months for Premium(AGM batteries) for private use and commercial vehicles(other than taxis, limousines, courier vehicles, agricultural and heavy vehicles) fitments and applications which may change from time to time.
  • The warranty replacement will be only once per invoice.
  • In the event of warranty claim; we will try to replace the car battery with the same brand and specifications; however if the same brand is not available we reserve the rights to replace the brand and condition in order to honor the warranty.
  • Warranty will not be accepted as the results of any tests performed by another repairer or manufacturer in determining if a battery product has failed under the warranty.
  • The warranty time frame is applied from the initial date of purchase of car battery through Autobatteryhub (Al Tareeq Al Mufaddal Tr. LLC), and not from the date of replacement.
  • You are ineligible for any replacement if you are not the original purchaser of the battery from Autobatteryhub (Al Tareeq Al Mufaddal Tr.LLC).
  • Your battery warranty is void if the battery failed due to after sales damage caused or contributed to by you, or negligence, or incorrect use. 
  • Replacement will be done within City limits with a service fee of AED 100 excluding VAT.

How to claim a warranty

  • To claim under the battery warranty you must: retain the sales receipt as proof of purchase retain your battery contact us on 0509742149 or visit an authorized representative with the product and its receipt allow our authorized representative to perform tests to determine the condition of the battery product.

General Terms & Conditions

  • All Calls may be recorded for Quality Assurance, Training and for other company usage purposes.
  • The Car Batteries will be delivered and installed at your doorsteps completely free of charge by our professionals however non purchase of car battery / jump start would attract AED 100 service/ visit charge which is excluding 5% VAT.
  • All visits to the customers location will be made within the city limits.
  • Car batteries installed and replaced by our team will be at the customer’s own responsibility